Our History & Philosophy

Gnarus Advisors is a new firm with a long history. We announced our “re-launch” in 2021, but our roots go back over 30 years – a core group of the Gnarus team can trace its first iteration as colleagues in the 1980s at a firm called Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett. Even though the name of the firm may have changed over the years – from PHB to PA Consulting, LECG, Gnarus Advisors, Nathan Associates, and now back to Gnarus Advisors – one constant, aside from our commitment to high-quality work, has been our commitment to one another as colleagues and friends. Happily, over the years we have been able to find other like-minded people who agree with our approach and have joined us and become valued teammates.

Gnarus was originally founded in 2007 with the central idea of creating a firm that combined excellence in client work with a collegial and rewarding environment that emphasized mutual respect. Our intention was to be a firm run for consultants and by consultants and one where the firm works for its consultants and not the other way around.

If our experience over the years has taught us anything, it is that our original idea was well-founded. In 2021 we recommitted to that original intention and re-launched Gnarus Advisors, once again as an independent firm run by and for consultants. Our commitment to excellence and our belief that “expertise matters” continues to be our bedrock.

In the spirit of learning from our past experiences, when we re-launched in 2021, our leadership group committed to enshrine our core values into our corporate DNA. Accordingly, the re-launched Gnarus is an employee-owned and employee-managed organization focused on maintaining our long-standing and strong corporate culture. We structured our corporate governance for continued success, combining stewardship of the firm’s founding values and culture with focused management.  Those governance elements include:

  • Our President is also a full-time consultant;
  • Daily operations are managed by a full-time, non-consultant Vice President with deep knowledge of our industry and our history; and
  • Our Board of Directors include individuals elected by our employees.

As a firm we take the idea that the company works for our employees as well as our clients very seriously.  We attract top talent who could perform their client work elsewhere if they so chose; we strive to provide the services, culture, and support that they need to continue to delivery high quality work to our clients so they can be proud of their decision to come to and to remain at Gnarus Advisors.