Chan, Kelly

Kelly Chan is a consultant with over 20 years in the environmental industry. She has worked in various aspects of government, industry and consulting; bringing a breath of experience that ranges from program management, hands-on management of investigations and remediations, regulatory compliance, financial reporting, and risk evaluation and management. She has been involved in a wide-variety of projects throughout her career, including complex remediations, cost recovery actions, future cost estimation, and third-party oversight and auditing. Ms. Chan’s expertise lies primarily in management and/or evaluation of complex environmental sites, strategic consulting, and resolving project and program management issues.

Annis Susan

Susan Annis has extensive experience in the economic consulting industry serving both government and private sectors. She has strong analytical and quantitative skills with experience in economic analysis, financial modeling, econometric and statistical modeling, policy analysis, and corporate financial assessment. Ms. Annis’s most recent analytical and modeling work has been in the litigation support arena. She is an experienced project and team leader in a management consulting environment.  Ms. Annis earned a Master of Arts in Economics from University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University.

Barstow, Mikael

Mikael Barstow has over 15 years’ experience in providing project management and technical services to companies in the insurance, utility, transportation, oil and gas, food and beverage, chemical, and waste management industries. He has extensive experience in systems programming, database management, and financial data analysis.  Mr. Barstow earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Adrian College.

Carlson, Randi

Ms. Carlson is a chemical and environmental engineer with expertise in remediation, engineering design, risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis, litigation support, regulatory compliance, permitting, Phase I assessments, environmental auditing, and environmental due diligence. She has supported various industries including petroleum transportation, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, consumer products, coalbed methane, and automobile parts manufacturing.

Ms. Carlson earned Master of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  She also holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Kubota, Jason

Jason Kubota has over two decades of experience advising clients and providing expert testimony support in a variety of matters in the Environment and Natural Resources, Intellectual Property, and Product Liability sectors. His work has included damages analysis for government and private-party cost recovery and contribution actions, future liability estimation, financial modeling/forecasting, regulatory compliance evaluation, and settlement negotiation strategy.

 Mr. Kubota’s practice is focused on the evaluation of Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund) remediation costs and consistency of cleanup actions with the National Contingency Plan (NCP) and/or applicable state regulations. His clients have included national and multinational corporations in the manufacturing, telecommunications, mining, and waste management industries, joint defense groups at multi-defendant sites, insurance companies, electricity providers and water agencies, and individual and commercial property owners.

 Mr. Kubota earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Concentrations in Economics and Psychology from Harvey Mudd College and holds an Engineer-In-Training Certificate in the State of California.