Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Public entities, often larger and multinational, have greater impositions of accountability, scrutiny, and regulation to manage with the added complexity of bureaucratic structures. Allocations for ESG innovations can often conflict with the resources needed to support transparency, disclosure, and compliance that comes with operating in a shareholder-based market.

Private companies, on the other hand, are freer to prioritize a customized ESG approach that serves their specific context. ESG then becomes proactive: A driver of strategic advantage with a transformational impact on market value and enterprise valuation.

Gnarus has partnered with Strategic Impact Partners (“SIP”) to provide our clients with access to a comprehensive suite of ESG-related services. Jointly we are able to offer expertise on the full spectrum of ESG opportunities.  Gnarus brings deep mastery of environmental policy & regulations, along with insurance, litigation, risk management, and engineering experience.  The   SIP team has been involved with the Corporate Integrity movement for 25 years.  They offer a multi-disciplinary team of former C-suite executive, current Board directors, operations management consultants, educators & trainers, as well as respected subject matter experts – all of whom have significant experience in key ESG areas.  Our integrated team is ready to help you move from having an impact to becoming transformational for customers and clients, their markets, investors / shareholders, and all stakeholders.

For details, please contact us at ESGsolutions@GnarusLLC.com