ESG: Sustainability Model Development

Gnarus Advisors are experienced in evaluating, measuring, and implementing cross-disciplinary sustainability programs including a focus in product and process sustainability (PPS). As a tool to create competitive advantage, PPS can help achieve a regulatory advantage, better mitigate liabilities, and reorientate to values-driven consumer stickiness.

The Gnarus team will help develop a customized sustainability model to quantify the sustainability profile of your supply chain, facilities, and operations. We collaborate with you to develop metrics/KPIs, provide guidance on data collection, help facilitate and coordinate internal assimilation, and establish challenging but realistic performance targets.

Gnarus experts are experienced in evaluating, measuring and implementing cross-disciplinary sustainability programs, with particular expertise in product and process sustainability. Product sustainability is being used today to create competitive advantage, to create regulatory advantage, to mitigate liabilities and to positively influence consumers and investors. Process sustainability is being used to reduce short- and long-term manufacturing costs and to create regulatory, legislative and community advantages. In both situations, once opportunities are identified, they can be evaluated and prioritized from a cost and cost-effectiveness standpoint. Gnarus experts provide guidance and insight into these areas, helping clients identify and evaluate sustainability opportunities. Services can include:

  • System Improvement: Adequate management controls to foster improved awareness and control of product and process sustainability issues.
  • Liability Mitigation: Analysis of the reduced liability and enhanced benefits of product and process sustainability opportunities.
  • Product Life Cycle Analysis: A tool for identifying opportunities for increased sustainability.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Assessing compliance with the Federal Trade Commission Act on Environmental Marketing Claims.
  • Competitive Analysis: A better understanding of relative product strengths and weaknesses including issues associated with supply chain and product distribution. Competitive analysis can also address process sustainability or risk issues.
  • Measurement: Approaches for assessing improvements in performance over time for specific products, product inventory in general and processes.

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