Antitrust & Competition

Gnarus’ experts routinely manage large databases and perform the complex, state-of-the-art statistical analyses that are often needed in antitrust work. We partner fully with counsel to structure the economic arguments, guide fact discovery, prepare reports, respond to opposing experts, and ultimately support the legal team through expert depositions and trial.

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Areas of Focus

Class Certification

Class-certification issues are prominent in a wide variety of litigation contexts, and can be a defining element in a major antitrust case.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

While knowledge of the federal antitrust guidelines is central to effective antitrust work, it is even more important for counsel and economists to hone in on the subset of issues in any particular matter that are the most critical to its outcome.

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Monopolization & Dominant Firm Behavior

Allegations of price discrimination, predatory pricing, entry deterrence, and wrongful dealer termination are all highly fact specific, and require careful economic analysis of the context in which they occur.

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Price Fixing & Collusion

Price-fixing, bid-rigging, coordinated capacity reductions, and other forms of collusive marketplace behavior are generally treated by both U.S. and international courts as per se violations of antitrust and competition laws.

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