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Sims, Robert H. - PhD

Dr. Sims has qualified and testified over 60 times as an expert economic witness, in California Superior Courts and U.S. Federal Courts regarding benefit and cost valuation in tort litigation and contractual disputes. Major assignments include the valuation of mass tort claims in various asbestos-related bankruptcies. Dr. Sims has also prepared pending and future asbestos liability estimates for a variety of purposes including SEC disclosure, due diligence in potential merger and acquisition projects, corporate reorganization and insurance policy negotiations.

In other complex legal matters, Dr. Sims has projected the number of future Priest abuse cases for the Portland Archdiocese and the Spokane Diocese and estimated the likelihood that military hardware sold to Imperial State of Iran by the U.S before the Revolution was delivered. Dr. Sims has also worked on in public policy related litigation covering a wide variety of substantive issues including the effects and adequacy of local housing regulations such as rent control; caseload management policies and procedures used in local public welfare systems; racial discrimination and preferences in the criminal justice system, and government contracting and hiring; the electoral consequences of systematic ballot defacement; and the effects of declining enrollments on the financial condition of a school district involved in a school closure dispute.

Dr. Sims is an expert at Nathan Associates, Gnarus’ parent company. He earned a Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis from the RAND Graduate School and an M.A. in Urban Planning from UCLA. Before joining Nathan, Dr. Sims worked as a Managing Director at HR&A, Inc.

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