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Hubbard, Blair

Blair Hubbard has a diverse skill set that spans data analytics, insurance recovery, and systems analysis. She supplements her industry knowledge with an expertise in relational database theory to provide a range of financial, quantitative and strategic services to meet clients’ complex needs.

She has provided leadership on client teams focusing in litigation and settlement support, as well as the management of complex coverage-in-place agreements.

Her industry expertise includes customized insurance allocation modeling; the review, analysis, and monetization of insurance policies; and the synthesis of large, disparate sets of toxic tort claims data. Blair has overseen large-scale data recovery and reconciliation projects on behalf of multiple clients. She has extensive experience consolidating, cleansing and normalizing disparate data-sets, providing her clients with the ability to use their data to make more informed business decisions.

She earned a B.S. in Systems and Information Engineering (with a focus in Human Factors) from The University of Virginia.


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